write up: reichburg

IMG_0083Driving by in the taxi, the place just shone out at me like a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark and dismal, pre-typhoon landscape.

Well, may be it didn’t happen in such an awfully cliché way but spying what looked like the perfect mix of hearty beer and decking did get me excited.

So, I went. And it was.

The bar is open plan and mostly outdoors. Long and sturdy wooden tables with accompanying bench seating are nestled comfortably on a moderately-sized wooden deck. The bar and wait staff were always within easy reach.

And the beer was good. Not absolute-must-have-now beer but a brew with substantial flavour. It’s available in 500 ml (in a glass), 1500 ml and 2500 ml (both in an at-your-table tap contraption to share). Best of all, it’s locally brewed so tastes very fresh.

On arrival we were treated to a serving of sliced and quartered cucumber marinated in a super-spiced chilli sauce. Yum. We sampled a little bit of the menu including crab pinchers, divine salty shrimp and some sliced beef stir-fried traditional Taiwanese style. Sorry, no pictures. We ate it all way too fast. Next time I hope to try some of the fried rice and noodles combos available.

Reichburg had only been open for three days when I visited this weekend. I hope it is here to stay because I can easily see myself on their deck whiling away the final hours of daylight of many an autumn Sunday with a few sundowners.

Reichburg is located near the corner of Daya Road and Jinhua North Road, Taichung City. I’ll put up a Chinese address as soon as I can find someone to type one up for me. There is no English menu yet but the staff are very friendly and able to translate the menu satisfactorily.



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4 Responses to “write up: reichburg”

  1. Kim Cusick Says:

    Looks pretty cool!

  2. Jet Says:

    Hey, that place looks cool. We’ll be trying that place out soon, hehe!
    BTW, Daya road is 大雅路 and Jin hua road is 進化路

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