write up: cat lair

IMG_0173In advance, I apologise for the quality of the photos. They were taken with an iPhone camera. And I also apologise for the lack of English address. And the fact that the only address I have is a photographed business card. But isn’t it more exciting when you have to hunt a place down?

Cat Lair is like your house. Your house if you like cats. And I like cats. So I felt right at home at Cat Lair.

The drinks, the food, the seats, the music; everything is sublime here. After spotting the sign from the side of the road the other day on the scooter, I decided to investigate what looked like an interesting venue.

After parking the scooter nearby we approached a gorgeous low white-painted gate, luckily open, and walked through to a courtyard umbrellaed by a huge tree and dotted with small tables able to seat two to four. We approached the bar area, assembled completely from what looked to be driftwood, and introduced ourselves to Paul, the co-owner of the establishment. (He owns the bar with his girlfriend).


After taking the offered menu we sat at a courtyard table and ordered a green tea, which came in a beautiful three-sided vessel, and a DITA. I’d never heard of DITA before but it was a bittersweet beverage with a subtle lime tinge. We also decided to sample the mascarpone. It was a homemade treat of chocolate, biscuit, cream and caramel walnut pieces.


We sat back to enjoy and slowly the bundles of preening fur around us became apparent. One was sitting on a cushion, staring at us serenely with a Cheshire grin and matching scarf. Another was peering cautiously from a carry case with nerves on full display. Another was playing decisively with Paul’s proffered toy, holding one paw in the air like a general going into battle. All around us were cats!


Paul later explained that they own seven cats. Five live at the venue and two live at their apartment. Sometimes they switch them around. They encourage people to bring their own cats along to enjoy the space, too.

Before leaving we checked out the rest of the abode. Paul noted that, while Cat Lair has been serving their feline infatuated clients for two years, they only recently created the inside areas that exist beyond the bar. I’m glad they did. Inside there are three rooms, separated from each other by partial walls. Furnishings include comfy, homely couches, vinyl footstools, rugs and cushions. There is a bookshelf that you can browse and even a fake deer head on one wall.


I also really love how you can see into their kitchen. It’s such a nice touch and Cat Lair really makes you feel like your hanging out in the thoughtfully designed home of a friend that is just that little bit cooler than you are but wants to involve you in all that they have. My chaperone even got a cute little grey purrer to sit on his lap. What a treat!

I said before that I felt right at home in Cat Lair. In fact, I want it to be my home.


No. 21-55, Section 2, NánJīng East Rd, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404

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4 Responses to “write up: cat lair”

  1. Kim Cusick Says:

    When are we going? I so miss my cat and would be very happy to have some time with theirs.

  2. Chris Gray Says:

    Wow. That is fantastic. I think we need one of those in Melbourne!

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