baking teensy: edition 2

We ran out of gas this week. I was going to treat my second half with scrambled eggs on toast for his birthday. I had begun to sauté the onions when the gas burner said, “Phut!” The bright blue ring of flames disappeared.

First, I threw down my spoon and looked tearfully into the pan. This is generally my first reaction in any crisis, pathetic as that is. After a few minutes I recollected myself and thought back to past breakfasts in Melbourne. What can I cook in an oven? Then, it came to me: Baked Eggs.

I don’t own any ramekins here yet (must get some), but I did have some tinfoil pie dishes left over. Improvisation was the key in this situation. So I got to buttering, cracking, adding milk, herbing and S&Ping.

Baked Eggs
for two people

what you need:

Four eggs (2 per dish)

Milk or cream (cream is yummier but milk is healthier)

Dried herbs (or fresh if you can find them – how I wish I had a garden)


Salt and pepper

how to do it:

Butter the two dishes you will use to cook the eggs. I used two tinfoil small-sized pie dishes. I got them from

Crack two eggs into each dish.

Pour about a tablespoon of milk or cream into each dish. Don’t stir it in or mix the eggs and liquid together.

Sprinkle over the herbs and salt and pepper and put in the oven. In my oven I put the dishes on the wire rack in the middle and had the temperature at 220 degrees C. My oven is tiny so if you have a “real” one then you may want to adjust the temperature to suit.

When ready, serve over some beautiful ciabatta or wholegrain rye topped with some grated parmesan. Baked tomatoes or mushrooms make a nice addition to the plate also – see the recipe below this one. I get my rye bread from Finga’s here in Taichung.

teensy tid bits:

You can add pretty much anything to these eggs. Saute some onions and red peppers and place them in the bottom of the dish with some feta cheese. Crack the eggs over the top and add the rest of the ingredients as above. Yum!

Baked Tomatoes

Easy as pie. You can use small, medium or large tomatoes. Chop each tomato in half and arrange on a baking tray, seed side facing up. Sprinkle over some dried or fresh herbs, salt and pepper (freshly cracked is best, of course) and drizzle with a good amount of olive oil. Put in the oven (mine was set to 220 degrees C) and wait until the tomato skin is peeling and the tomatoes are just the tiniest bit brown at the edges. You can do exactly the same thing with mushrooms as well. Just make sure the inside, frilly part of the mushroom is facing up. To fancy it up, you can add a square of feta, brie or blue cheese to each mushroom cup.

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