write up: match cafe

Today, my lovely friend and work colleague introduced me to Match Cafe, a comfortable and  eatery near the corner of TaiZhongGang Road and Wenxin Road here in Taichung.

The cafe is full of designerly ambience: the book shelves are filled with literature on design (and other topics) which you can browse while you sip. You can also browse a number of different hand-designed/made items for sale, from stationery and clothing to biscotti and computer accessories.

There is an English menu with a small but satisfactory selection of bagels, sandwiches and sweet things, and an extensive selection of coffees, chocolate drinks, juices and teas. I had a smoked salmon sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard on brown walnut bread. Yum. The hot chocolate was more than decent, too.

My friend likes to visit the store because of the free wireless internet access. The shop apparently has a meeting for Mac users once a week, I can’t remember which day though and I think you’d need to speak Chinese or go along with someone who can.

I recommend you try it out. It’s one of the best cafes I’ve had the privilege to relax in here in Taichung. So thank you lovely friend and work colleague – you know who you are!

Match Cafe, 60-3, TaiZhongGang Road, Sec. 2, Taichung City


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