finds: Formosan vintage photographs

David on Formosa kindly pointed out an enthralling (my new favourite word) new blog,, that presents images of old Taiwan, from photographs of aboriginal people to pictures of old-era cities.

Old Taiwanese postcard. Image "borrowed" from

It’s always engaging to look through old photos of the town or country you live in, trying to match up what’s still around with what you see in the pictures. While much of old Taichung is gone, I love travelling into the old part of the city by the train station and peering past the neon signage and billboards to grasp at glimpses of old facades and early advertising. It’s still there, you might just need to use your imagination a bit more than in other cities like my old stomping ground, Melbourne.

Take your time browsing through the website. There are some beautiful old postcards under the media section.

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