finds: summer dress up has never been so cheap


I wanted to share with you my amazing clothing finds from this morning’s trip to the flea market near Taoyuan train station here in Taichung. Not one but TWO dresses, a belt and a Japanese-style jacket that I think will be great come autumn.




What did it all cost?

First dress: NT$100
Second dress: NT$100
Jacket: NT$150
Belt: NT$100

I’ve written about this flea market before. Click here to read my story: take a look at some more buys and find out how to get there.

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3 Responses to “finds: summer dress up has never been so cheap”

  1. jenny Says:

    super cute! you always find the best dresses.

    • jarofbuttons Says:

      Thanks! We should go shopping together soon! Really didn’t think I could find anything that would fit me at the market but…

  2. Eileen Says:

    The dresses look great on you. =o)

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