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write up: waterfall, 2009 summer issue function

February 3, 2010

Eating, sleeping, making babies, or music, writing, selling, re-enacting famous battle scenes. What’s your function in life?

Function is a word normally applied to inanimate objects: a chair’s function is to provide a place for a person to sit; a cup’s function is to be a vessel from which a person can drink fluid. How does this change when we apply it to people?

I came across the 2009 Summer issue function of waterfall when shopping in Elite’s Chong Yo branch here in Taichung. You may remember the post. It was an exciting find and I was waiting till just the right time to open the magazine, a time when I could dedicate my full attention to it’s pages. And that time came this morning. Here are my thoughts…

What’s your function in life? waterfall‘s attempt to answer this intimidating question is both poignant and clumsy; some of their writers and photographers really do demonstrate an ability to capture this theme while others fall into a chasm of ramblings and cliché imagery.

The issue is divided roughly into three sections: Youth, Love and Microcosmos. A brilliant written piece by Shauba Chang really embodies the Love category for me. It’s melancholy (but not angst-ridden) tone reminded me of long lonely rainy Sundays when you’re stuck inside with too much time on your hands to think coupled with a stuffy brain.

Love of another? Or love of what you do? Or both? Is that perhaps, your function?

Many people have a day job that they don’t enjoy but do it most of the time; is that their function in life? I’d like to think it lies in the other things they do as well, the things they enjoy to do, their “hobbies”. There is a series of images on pages 126 to 129, by Tammy Mercure, that shows people in their own unique and happiest habitats. This series, for me, epitomized the theme Microcosmos, and really made me think about my own miniature world.

waterfall’s 2009 Summer issue function doesn’t exactly answer the question it poses but I don’t think it can be expected to. It does succeed in making you ponder the subject, giving you a lot of food, perhaps bacon, or maybe a burger, for thought. Even if you do have to occasionally wade through some terribly edited English-as-a-second-language writing.

I can’t seem to find when their next issue will hit the shelves and they are still advertising this, their summer edition, as their current issue. Explore their website. See what you can hunt down.

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