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finds: watch New Zealand short films for free (yes, FREE!)

July 23, 2010

A number (currently 140 titles) of seminal New Zealand short films have been made available for free streaming, courtesy of NZONSCREEN and the NZ Film Commission. A great new way to expose NZ films and filmmakers to the world.

From surrealist horrors, Alison Maclean’s Cannes-screened 1989 Kitchen Sink and psychological thrillers, the 2006 Nature’s Way, to quirky, to dark comedies, The Lounge Bar (1988) and fantastical fictions, like Cow (2001).

Kitchen Sink (1989)

Kitchen Sink (1989)

I’ve managed to catch a few in the past (Kitchen Sink is screened as a bog standard for any University of Auckland Film Studies 101 student) but a number have yet to flash past my eyes. With my lack of time at the moment, I hardly get the chance to watch films. Short films are the perfect quick fix.

Watch the films here.

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